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Levi Lalonde

It’s time to kick off reveal season for one of our most expansive products yet! We’re starting to really get used to the world of UniVersus growing, but this time around the roster is expanding in a way that transcends realms. Pick up your pens and grab some dice, because it’s time to jump into Critical Role Enhanced!

Critical Role Challenger Series Key Art

Critical Role Challenger Series: Vox Machina

Challenger Series often pair up characters with strong connections, so it’s no surprise to see the charismatic sibling duo here of Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia. And they’re bringing their signature fighting styles along with them! 

Vax wields a wild flurry of weapons that can tear your rival apart before they even see you coming. Utilize Dagger, Dagger, Dagger to reuse your various Dagger attacks nonstop, all while clearing your cardpool efficiently with Vax so you can easily continue your assault. Or maybe Vex and her trusty bow are more your speed? With her ability to constantly pick up Mark Your Prey, you can ensure every single arrow you fire hits with deadly precision as you release volley after volley. No matter which twin you sleeve up, their unique fighting styles will shine through as you embody either the Cunning Thief or the Resourceful Hunter. 

Being twins though, Vax and Vex shine together as well! Cards like Arrows and Daggers take different forms mechanically depending on which character you play, while Twins Bond pays homage to their shared trait in a flavorful way. Anyone who’s seen Vox Machina knows though that it’s a campaign full of whimsical characters, so look forward to seeing reflections of them too! Call in Trinket to come protect you from an attack, or just to tear up your rival! And of course it’d just be plain wrong to not see at least a little bit of Grog throughout this deck, even if it isn’t his finest moment… While Vax settles up the prank of a lifetime, let’s go see our friends in campaign 2 to see what the other side of this Challenger Series pair brings us.

CriticalRole Enchanced Recap Twitter02 1600x900

Critical Role Challenger Series: Mighty Nein

As we now make our way into campaign 2, let's shift focus towards a pair of pranksters to take a look at Challenger Series: Mighty Nein! Being the detective duo that they are, it’s only natural to see Jester Lavorre and Nott the Brave front and center in this deck. Together, these two are going to bring every ounce of mischief that they embody straight into UniVersus!

Jester’s antics are on full display as not only are you going to be toying with your rival’s momentum resource, she’ll be fueling her very own in order to pick up a full flurry of spells at her disposal. Wound/Restore is a fantastic heal or damage in a pinch, or you can go find spells like duplicitous attack to chain and clone other spells for all kinds of shenanigans! But what about if you really wanna turn up the chaos? In that case, it’s time to take Nott for a spin! Milling cards off the top and gaining random effects based on them is the name of her game, every game is unpredictable when you’re this thief! One thing that’ll never change though, is that keeping your flask full will always be top priority! And what are you going to do with all those milled cards? Well, fueling a certain Big Freakin’ Explosion is one surefire way to make sure some serious mayhem ensues. And when they’re not causing disarray? Our two Mighty Nein members have some lovely hobbies they like to partake in! Even in UniVersus, you’ll be able to relive the experience of joining Nott on her button collecting journey, or sitting down with Jester for a somewhat “questionable” doodle… While our Prankster Priestess finishes up that work of art, let’s check out some of the visual updates you can expect to see in Critical Role Challenger Series!

CriticalRole Enchanced Recap Twitter03 1600x900

Visual Updates

With so many worlds represented in UniVersus, it’s important to us at UVS Games to make sure they all feel unique in their own ways. On top of being the first UniVersus product with 100% exclusive custom art, we’ve also adapted other features of the cards to fit more into this mythical realm. For Critical Role, we’ve gone and updated the look of our Uncommon text boxes to represent a map of the lands throughout them! Furthermore, our Rare and above cards will then add the Vox Machina and Mighty Nein logos respectively to their cards for an even deeper immersion. If you take a look at the varying number values on our cards, those have also been given a visual redesign to feel more in place with the art style and feel of Critical Role!

Check out our Critical Role Exclusive Art Gallery!

6 Alt-Art Cards

Now, it’d be plain rude to talk about visual updates and not dig a bit more into the Collector’s Booster Pack. The Collector’s Booster Pack is the shining star of the Challenger Series, quite literally. Inside these you’ll find 6 different cards from the list of cards in the decks, but this time around they’ll be in completely different arts with gorgeous textured finishes. You’ll even find the art style itself completely shaken up on these! Going for dynamic color palette changes, and a beautiful animated style that brings these pieces of art to life and really makes them feel like they’re coming right off the pages.

CriticalRole Enchanced Recap Alt-art

Playmats and more!

Critical Role Challenger Series will also be launching with a series of playmats featuring extended full versions of the art from 4 of our cards! No matter how you’re enjoying UniVersus, you’ll be able to do it alongside the members of Vox Machina and Mighty Nein in some breathtaking art spreads. These will be launching right alongside Critical Role Challenger Series on March 21st, and you can preorder them as well right now at your local game store! And if playmats weren’t enough, keep your eyes peeled for even more UniVersus Critical Role accessories coming your way..

CriticalRole Social-Seamless Playmats X Preview

Release Event

Now a Challenger Series as special as Critical Role deserves a release event that’s just as special. So, get ready to party up and work with your friends to take on the ruthless Briarwoods. An alternative UniVersus format, you’ll work together to take on the Briarwoods - the Conquerors of Whitestone in a PvE style co-op game mode. You’ll have to work together with other players to take down this duo…it’s a tough fight! Not to mention, you’ll walk away with a collectible art card of the Briarwoods to commemorate the experience of facing off against some of Critical Role’s fiercest foes in the world of UniVersus!


What's next?

With all that being said, let’s take a look at when you can expect to see even more from our favorite adventurers. The next two days will be jam packed as we get to see the entirety of these two Challenger Series in all their glory! Tomorrow we’ll get to feast our eyes on arrows and daggers galore as we see the rest of Vox Machina. After that, the remainder of Mighty Nein will show us spells, pranks, and total mischief as far as the eye can see. Then on March 5th, stay tuned to our socials as we showcase the rest of the jaw dropping alternate art cards you’ll find in the collector’s booster pack within these! Then, one week before release time, tune into the preshow of our WWW to watch us opening up Vox Machina and Mighty Nein for the first time live! Finally, March 21st kicks off the release of these two magical decks. Make sure your local game store is in your sights so you don’t miss out!

Critical Role Challenger Series is shaping up to be a magical release for UniVersus, and we really can’t wait for you to get in on the fun. While these two decks don’t hit shelves until March 21st, you can make sure you don’t miss out on this campaign and preorder at your very own local game store now! If you don’t know where to get in on UniVersus, you can always use our store finder to locate an LGS near you! And be sure to follow us on socials to catch all the Critical Role news in the coming days! We’re so excited to show you more and more Critical Role. Until then, stay classy, Adventurers! Is it March 21st yet?

CriticalRole Enchanced Recap Preorder

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